Communities that incorporate lakes have become more and more prevalent within Dubai. These lakes add a degree of prestige and can make a significant positive contribution to the overall aesthetic of the surrounding area. In order to support these communities, Imdaad offers a specialised Lake Cleaning Service, working on multiple high profile projects .

This follows the 4 key stages below and ensures minimal disruption to communities:

Process Flow of lake cleaning

  1. Lake Profiling
    • Determine the Level of sludge deposit
    • Identify the starting point of dredging
  2. Dredging
    • Robotic Pumps safely collect sludge without damaging the lake bed.
    • Dredgers collect Sludge
  3. Sludge Drying
    • Special Bags are used for Sludge Drying
    • Centrifuge is an option based on site conditions and space constraints
  4. Disposal
    • The sludge is disposed at Dubai Municipality landfill as per local regulations