Healthcare is a specialised segment that Imdaad and its subsidiaries are in an excellent position to serve.

In particular, Imdaad’s waste management division has a dedicated team and special purpose vehicles for Biomedical Waste Management, carrying over 500 tons of medical waste each year. The team are equipped with sharp containers, special bins and special bags to handle such waste. This means that our clients can fully comply with the law and safety guidelines.

Imdaad is an excellent service provider for Hospitals, who not only require the elevated levels of responsiveness that come with our scale, but also benefit from the fact that we are aware of requirements for hospital accreditation and can support them in meeting these standards. For example, we can help fulfil the need to have permanent access to the asset location with associated condition and maintenance history.

Other medical facilities can also benefit from our modern reporting systems and experience with providing easy access for the patients that require it, a necessity for healthcare providers and enhancing the comfort levels of all patients. We can do this through monitoring and adjusting the temperature and providing suitable parking solutions.

Aside from our specialist divisions, Imdaad is also able to offer our full range of services to our Healthcare clients, including MEP, Civil Works, Infrastructure Management, Pest Control, Renovation and more.