About Life at Imdaad

Imdaad’s Core Values places “PEOPLE” as the first and foremost value in the organization. To ensure alignment of People Initiatives/Indicators, three Strategic Objectives are in place: “Realign Training and Talent Management to Enhance Service Quality”, “Continuously Enhance Employee Engagement & Satisfaction” and “Optimize Emiratization & Diversity”.

Imdaad is an equal opportunity employer, as demonstrated through its diversified workforce of 37 nationalities. Our employees are encouraged to participate in internal mobility initiative called “Want a Change” enables laborers to progress in terms of their career growth and development and encourages cross-functional movement across the organization.

Employees have the right to give suggestions for improvement, to raise their views directly to Top Management and the right to appeal actions related to grievances/discipline. Opportunity for employees to give feedback is facilitated through Employee Voice Meetings, Staff Accommodation Visits, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Your Voice Email/Dropbox, etc.

Imdaad takes pride in providing best in class accommodation for its laborers. The first phase of the facility was unveiled in 2016 and named “Manzeli”, meaning “Home”. The 119,550 sq.mt space has been developed in four phases with ample rooms and external spaces. All buildings are provisioned with ample kitchen and dining facilities for employees to cook and eat; inbuilt WIFI facilities and indoor & outdoor recreation facilities. Several Employee Engagement programs such as Imdaad Got Talent, Inter-camp cricket tournaments, medical camps, iftar dinners etc. are conducted in the accommodation to ensure large scale coverage and participation of laborers.

Imdaad is dedicated to ensure employee health and safety. Our key Strategic Objective of “Institutionalizing Health & Safety” and EHSQ Policy Statement govern our EHSQ practices and ensure that our policies and procedures are compliant to OHSAS and UAE Regulations. Our skills and competency matrix require our EHSQ staff to be OHSAS trained and certified professionals.

Creativity and Innovation is encouraged through “Baader”, Imdaad’s suggestion scheme. Baader is governed by a structured policy that encourages employees to think out of the box and give creative and innovative suggestions that focus on improving a process, cost saving, revenue and profit generation, improve employee well-being etc. Employees are motivated to give implementable suggestions through awareness sessions and through robust reward mechanisms.

Taqdeer Award with 5 stars


Imdaad has a multi-cultural workforce of 6000+ employees across 37 nationalities

We conducted 120+ employee engagement activities in 2018, including a number of Environmental Health Safety and Quality (EHSQ)

We also organize regular entertainment activities through our dedicated Employee Engagement Team