Imdaad is an equal opportunity employer with a multi-cultural workforce of 6000+ employees across 37 nationalities. A target of 10% increase in non-dominant nationalities is tracked quarterly. Our labour force is encouraged to participate in internal mobility process (Want-A-Change) providing opportunity for career development and cross-functional movement that is not limited by nationality/religion/age/gender, etc.

Our Code of Ethics Policy “Amana” defines and governs the standards of business conduct expected from Imdaad employees.

All labor policies are documented in our People Manual which goes through periodic reviews. Any required amendments are made and communicated to employees.

Our 5 Star Labour Accommodation:

We have built a 5 star labour accommodation, named “Manzeli” which means “Home”, in order to ensure employee safety and comfort.

Having such a dedicated purpose-built facility, not only helps relieve workers from industrial fatigue, but also improves quality and enjoyment of life, in line with our principles and beliefs.