Imdaad has the right team for you whether you need professionals to carry out a Carpentry job such as remodeling, renovating or custom building cabinets; a Masonry project that might include building or taking down walls, installing or repairing a drop ceiling, building decks or staircase; or a Painting requirement (external or internal).

Our exceptional and large workforce are able to quickly and professionally turn around a plethora of these civil works jobs. We can provide these for clients on an ad hoc basis or as part of an existing Facility Management project.

Moreover, our depth of experience within many different types of properties means that clients are able to contract us for their entire portfolio of civil works, trusting that we have the capability and scale to handle them.

We have executed Civil Works projects for high end commercial and mixed use buildings where our prompt and accurate delivery has led to approvals being received quicker than might have been possible otherwise, thus both enhancing the property and saving our clients from expensive delays.