Imdaad is deeply committed to equal opportunities for its people. We have a multi-cultural workforce of 9000+ employees across nearly 50 nationalities and we place huge importance on creating a culture of respect, understanding and opportunities for growth.

We encourage career development in a variety of ways, including our much vaunted “Want-A-Change” program, which allows our employees to apply for cross functional jobs and to receive extensive training. This allows our motivated and ambitious team to upskill and have genuine options in their career paths.

We also actively pursue diversity in our workforce by targeting a 10% annual increase in non-dominant nationalities, which we track quarterly.

With such a large and vibrant team, having a structured Human Capital policy is vital and helps to protect our unique culture. We do this through our Code of Ethics, “Amana”, which defines and governs the standards of conduct expected from Imdaad employees.

Finally, our 5 star labour accommodation, named “Manzeli” which means “My Home” in Arabic, is purpose-built to ensure employee safety and comfort. This dedicated facility not only helps our employees rest during their downtime, but also improves well being and quality of life.

The 120,000 space has been developed in four phases with spacious rooms and outdoor space and is currently home to around 3000 employees.

All buildings are equipped with large kitchen and dining facilities for employees to cook and eat, WIFI facilities and indoor & outdoor recreation and leisure facilities.

Employees are transported to and from the accommodation buildings in comfortable air-conditioned buses, some of which have inbuilt televisions, offering employees every chance to relax and rest during their commute.

Employee feedback in relation to housing and transport is collected every year through a Employee Satisfaction Survey so that we can make improvements based on relevant feedback.

Upkeep of the accommodation facility is ensured by having dedicated accommodation supervisors and camp inspectors who stay within the premises to promote employee welfare.

Taqdeer Award:
We were one of only 5 out of 425 applicants to receive a 5 Star Taqdeer award. We are also the only Facilities Management company to receive this prestigious award, recognising our commitment to our workforce. The Taqdeer award is a true testament to our best in class labour practices and in line with our core value of ‘People’.