FARZ a state of the art Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) built on a 45,322 sq.m, plot in National Industries Park. Its mission is closely aligned with Dubai’s Vision 2021 objective to recycle and reuse 75% of waste currently going to landfills.

FARZ has the most efficient recovery rate of any Materials Recovery Facility in the UAE and has two separate lines, one to deal with household waste and the other focusing on commercial and industrial waste.

The plant uses an automated system to maximise the range of materials that it is able to efficiently recover. These materials are HDPE (high density polyethylene), PET, Aluminium, Ferrous materials, OCC and Wood and PE bags.

Explore the Farz MRF Process

This infographic of Farz MRF depicts the process flow of how each of the recyclable materials is recovered and sorted, from the moment the waste is unloaded at the facility to the moment each type of recovered materials is baled and prepared to be shipped out to our recycling partners.

Our Process

Pre Sorting platform

Manual recovery process for bulk items like wood, cardboard, white goods etc.

Bag opener

Automatic opener for waste bags and primary shredder for waste


To segregate waste based on sizes

Magnetic Separator

Will take out all ferrous metals Optical Separator
– to take out all plastic Materials

Ballistic Separator

Further segregation of plastic into 2D ( films) and 3D (bottles) Materials

Optical separator

To segregate HDPE and PET from mixed 3D plastics

Optical separator

To take out all plastic Materials

Segregation of Waste based on Size

80 mm

organic waste and inert is diverted directly to the landfill

> 300 mm

Manual sorting platform for recovery of paper and plastic films

80 – 300 mm

Is the valuable fraction which is passed through the automatic MRF